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“Do you like jeeping in the desert?” They asked. “I have no idea… but I really want to find out!” I replied.

So we went. And through some crazy wind, hiking in the wrong shoes, and helping an up-side-down jeep get back on it’s wheels, we had a really fun adventure!

I’m so thankful for clients who make me “shoot outside the box” ūüôā

family portraits in the desertfamily portraits in the desert 2
family portraits in the desert 3
family portraits in the desert 4
family portraits in the desert 5
family portraits in the desert 6
family portraits in the desert 7
family portraits in the desert 8
family portraits in the desert 9

As the New Year starts I really wanted to wish you a Happy 2016 here on¬†the blog, only to realize it hasn’t been updated in a loooooooong time. In the past few¬†months I’ve had so many shoots, so many new families, repeat families, friends, sports, new babies… Life doesn’t stop, and for that I’m very thankful¬†ūüôā¬†At the same time, it’s a challenge to find¬†time to document every shoot as they deserve. So for today, I’ll share¬†this wonderful family¬†and wish you a 2016 full of life!




Shooting for Salinas do Maragogi¬†was a dream job. Spending time in paradise with my family was even better! The Northeast of Brasil is the land of perfect weather, delicious food, amazing landscapes, and the friendliest people you could ever meet. ¬†I’ve visited a few¬†times, and each time has left¬†me wanting more. Here are some images from our¬†last summer adventure.


Brasil MaragogiBrasil Maragogi 2brasil maragogi 3brasil maragogi 4brasil maragogi 5brasil maragogi 6brasil maragogi 7Brasil maragogi 8brasil maragogi 9brasil maragogi 10brasil maragogi 11brasil maragogi 12brasil maragogi 13brasil maragogi 14brasil maragogi 15brasil maragogi 16brasil maragogi 17brasil maragogi 22brasil maragogi 18brasil maragogi 19brasil maragogi 20brasil maragogi 21

  • Monica Echeverria - Awesome!
    The kids look great!