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This blog has been neglected for a few months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had pictures too share… I actually have too many and it often feels overwhelming to organize them all into blog posts. So I decided to just share a recent trip to Cuba 🙂 .  I’ve already posted some on Facebook, Instagram, and on my travel website but here are a few more.

In a lot of ways Cuba is the exact opposite of the US. There are very few stores and most of the shelves in grocery stores are empty. There seems to be food for everyone, but not many options. There are, however, plenty of restaurants for visitors/tourists. Some neighborhoods look rough, but we felt safe everywhere we went. We opted to stay in a Casa Particular (private home) instead of a hotel for two reasons. First, we didn’t find any hotels with good reviews and many houses on Airbnb had great reviews. Second, we thought staying in an authentic Cuban house would give us a better feel for the culture and people. That was exactly what happened. Both families we stayed with were wonderful. They were like hotel concierge customized just for us! They helped us with everything we needed, from restaurant recommendations, to transportation, etc., and made us delicious breakfasts. They also answered our endless questions about Cuban life in general. Cuban people are very friendly and relaxed. It seemed like no one is ever in a hurry or stressed out. Most people we talked to were open, willing to share their experiences, and also thankful for the friendlier relationship with the US.

On our last day we wished instead of going home, we were moving on to the next city for another week of exploring. There is so much more of Cuba we want to see! It truly is a beautiful country, full of friendly, resourceful and creative people.

Documenting lovely families is not only my work, but one of the things that brings me most joy in life. Every single family I meet is exactly like mine in so many ways… They are wonderful, beautiful, messy, crazy, imperfect and joyful all at the same time, and I love everything about them! Thank you to everyone who has hired me this year! I hope your holidays are full of love!




Five years ago I was blessed to meet the sweetest family from Switzerland. They hired me for a family session during their vacation in Laguna Beach. (You can check out that session here). Of course they fell in love with our beautiful town and just recently visited again. Their mom-son connection was once again inspiring to see and capture. Photographing this little guy was such a joy that I could easily forget that he didn’t understand a word of English 🙂

I really hope they keep visiting, or maybe some day I’ll shoot their portraits in Switzerland… That would be a dream!




A while ago I photographed  this gorgeous lady in Las Vegas. This summer I got to meet her little girl just in time for her first birthday. We braved the 118-degree weather for a short outdoor session, and it was so worth it! Talking to Kristin is inspiring. She is so passionate about life and the future of our children. Check out her work at Our Little Humans.

Las Vegas 1Las Vegas 2Las Vegas 3Las Vegas 4Las vegas 5

“Do you like jeeping in the desert?” They asked. “I have no idea… but I really want to find out!” I replied.

So we went. And through some crazy wind, hiking in the wrong shoes, and helping an up-side-down jeep get back on it’s wheels, we had a really fun adventure!

I’m so thankful for clients who make me “shoot outside the box” 🙂

family portraits in the desertfamily portraits in the desert 2
family portraits in the desert 3
family portraits in the desert 4
family portraits in the desert 5
family portraits in the desert 6
family portraits in the desert 7
family portraits in the desert 8
family portraits in the desert 9