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Beach Caves, Orange County, CA :: Orange County Photographer

I had a free afternoon…  It was the perfect time to go out and explore new places with my family, friends and my camera. It was like traveling far away but within a short drive. Nature, people and photography make life so enjoyable! I can’t believe I’ve lived here for so long and had never seen these amazing caves just a few minutes from my house. There’s no place like California 🙂


beach caves 0beach caves 01

beach caves 03

beach caves 02
beach caves 04beach caves 05beach caves 06beach caves 08beach caves 09beach caves 10Beach caves 11Beach caves 12


  • tamy - Hi, I wanna know what beach is this cave located. Thank you! I appreciate your creativity in shooting 🙂

  • admin - Thank you! It’s in Newport Beach 🙂

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