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Fit Mom TV – Kiana Tom

A few weeks ago Noel and I had the pleasure of working with Kiana Tom.  On January 1st, 2010 Kiana launched  Kiana’s Fit Mom TV which in her own words is:

Kiana’s Fit Mom TV is the very first health and fitness show on the web and I am so pleased to be hosting it! Kiana’s Fit Mom TV is brought to you by the producers who made my ESPN fitness series, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” the “#1 rated fitness series on television.” That series reached 80 million homes worldwide so for those of you who are familiar with my passion for health and fitness – welcome back! And for those of you who are new to my world – I look forward to getting to know you better through Kiana’s Fit Mom TV! As the mother of two young daughters, my goal with Kiana’s Fit Mom TVis to make fitness convenient for busy moms like me. I hope you’ll tune in so you can access all of my workout video tutorials, 24-hours a day on topics like total body circuit training workouts that can be done in 5-15 minute increments, problem solving exercises to fix common trouble areas for women, healthy recipes with natural ingredients and easy clean up, my personal Fit Mom tips, interviews with Fit Moms around the world, remote coverage of Fit Mom events and active family travel spots.

Working with Kiana has been very exciting to me for many reasons.  I have a life long love for health and fitness and  Kiana spreads that love to the entire world!  I just LOVE to be around a woman who DOES IT ALL, does it WELL, and is so incredibly sweet and fun to hang out with.


Here’s the whole FIT family:



How many hours of exercise a day do you think I would need to jump like this?


And to be as strong as this?


Cheers for a healthy, balanced, and happy life!!!


And thanks Kiana, for the inspiration and for creating Fit Mom TV!

  • noel - i agree, to be that strong, and look that good doing what she is doing would be a dream! glad you shared such awesome pictures!

  • Aleta Smith - I car pooled to UCLA with your mom in the 40’s. It looks like her enthusiasm, upbeat personality and joy of passing on healthy, fit living to others has been passed on to the next generation. Congratulations to you!

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