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On being a client

Every once in a while I put myself in my clients’ shoes and spend some time on the other side of the camera.  This time I made a conscious effort to really do what I ask of all my families: Truly enjoy that time with my children  and  trust the photographer to capture us as we are.  It turned out that this session with no make up, wet hair and no special clothes gave me some of my favorite images with my kids.  What makes these images so meaningful to us is that they are only a little bit about how we look, a A LOT about how we feel.


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So for all of my clients out there, here’s proof that I know how you feel in front of the camera 🙂   And as a family photographer, I’m not in the business of making you look like a model. I’m in the business of documenting what you already are: a super model to those who matter.

Thank you Noel Besuzzi of Bosh Images for these “super model” images of me and my babies 🙂

(Noel is using these to promote her mother’s day fundraiser for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Please visit their website to understand how our local marine life needs our support now more than ever.)


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