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First post on my new blog!

I’m so glad I finally have a blog where I can post large images. Certain things in life just fall in the category  “Bigger is better”. Pictures is definitely one of them! Or maybe it’s just the narcissistic personality in me wanting to see my images as large as I can 🙂 .  Anyway, the new blog is here and nothing better to get it started than some images of my adored little nice who’s about to turn two.








  • Noel - You are a genious!!!!!

  • Francis - love the new blog.
    she’s adorable.

  • Noel - These are so fabulous, I want to go grab my camera and race to the nearest flower patch with CJ! Ava looks great in all of these!!!!

  • jennifer smith - i just can’t stop looking at these pictures!…and am so excited to see all of them! i can’t believe you got such a great shot of those baby blues on isabella! thank you for taking such gorgeous pictures – i really love seeing your talent and it just makes it even better when it’s my own children to look at! how’s that for a proud mommy?

  • marco henrique - Olá Mali!
    Sou amigo do seu pai e ele me falou das suas fotos.
    Gostei muito do que vi no site! O estudo da psicologia aguçou bastante seu timing de fotografar.

  • Yuli Wright - What better way to start your new blog? I could be a little biased, but these are absolutely amazing!!! I can’t stop looking at them! No, I don’t think I’m biased, just lucky to have the cutest little girl as my daughter and best photographer as my sister. Check out the end result! You always capture her personality so well, thanks!

  • Flavia Boghossian Kiperman - Honey, KK is BEAUTIFUL, the cutest of all of US! And you, apart from an incredible artist, you are very brave indeed, a snake?!?!?! Amazing! Love, Fla (Amazing pics as well!! congratulations)

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