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My Favorite Kindergarten Teachers! :: Orange County Family Photographer

Our school (the one my kids go to) has an amazing kindergarten team.  The way they teach and care about each child is really above and beyond anyone’s expectation.  They truly make for an awesome kindergarten experience for all families and I’m so looking forward to having Derek be part of it next year!

Recently they brought their families for a portrait session, so here are the Devlins:





And here are the Kazahayas:





  • noel - Brock! We miss you! Love these Mali… Great family bonding pics.

  • leigh - Oh Mali… we LOVE them!! Thanks so much for capturing our kids, your work is amazing!

  • Todd - Mali,
    The pictures look fantastic! We can not wait to see th rest of them. Thank you again for taking time out of schedule and taking those pictures for us. They truly are amazing!
    The Kazahayas

  • jen smith - love them! as usual! love the pose with the three kids lying on one another — adorable! i miss you and want to talk to you about some pics while my mom and niece are visiting this month.

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