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I haven’t been much into blogging lately, but I need to share this little guy’s perspective on his new baby sister.






Do I need to say anything else? 🙂

  • Joe Canônico - Show !…show !…show !

    Lindas sua fotos, todas, todo seu trabalho !…emocionante, Mali !

    meus parabéns !

    abração !


  • Yuli - This is a great family and I just love these pics. Maternity pictures below are just beautiful and the big brother checking out baby sister is priceless! Love it.

Last year the beautiful Renaissance Clubsports hosted an event for Mali Workman Photography and I raffled off 2 free portrait sessions during the event.  This wonderful family was one of the winners, but with their busy schedule we just recently had their session. They were such a joy to work with that it makes me want to give away more sessions 🙂


A mommy and me portrait. My fav!!!


This is one of my favs from this session… I’m not sure why… probably the movement in the flying piggies 🙂



family-portrait-5Thank you for looking! Let me know what you think 🙂

  • Lindsey (aka modchik) - I love the last capture that is incredibly natural and so expressive. Beautiful work!

  • Jackie Culmer - I love that pigtail picture Mali!!

  • Christie - Ahhh, I love love love the piggie tails! These are fantastic, you can totally feel their love for one another. That happy smile in the 4th one says it all! Gorgeous work Mali!

  • natasha - Great captures. I adore the first one!!!

  • Adrienne Gunde - Love the flying pigtails portrait, so cute & the light is amazing! 🙂

Every end of the year it’s nice to look back and see how much has happened, how much my kids have grown, how much my clients’ kids have grown and how many new great people I’ve met.   For this last post of the year, I want to share some of my favorite images from a few recent sessions.










Thank you for looking and Happy New Year!

  • Cindy - Beautiful portraits!! Looking forward to spending time with you in 2011!! More trips to Starbucks please!! Happy New Year Friend!!

  • nicole - A great way to end the year-amazing photos. Your New Year resolution: MORE BLOGGING!

  • mali - Ha! Nicole, my plan is for each of these families and some others to be full posts, with many more images 🙂

  • Noel - what an amazing collection of pictures! so many great ones. love so many…but the mom and daughter picture is just perfect! and ava on that bench. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • Kimberly Hunter - As always… gorgeous pictures!

Busy season is here and I have so many sessions to share. I’ll try to update more often, but don’t hold it against me if I don’t… that’s one promise I’m not very good at keeping 🙂

But here is one of my favorite recent sessions.  So much love and beauty in this family!



Mommy and me portraits. My favorite!







Thank you for looking! Please leave a comment to let me know you were here!

  • nicole - Once again, I can’t choose a favorite. I love them all. I feel like I know this sweet girl, her personality shines through in these pics. Great job!

  • mindy - beautiful! like always.

  • Jackie Culmer - What a beautiful little girl. LOVE the flowers, walking the dog, mommy and me….and oh the light!

  • Nicole Roberts - Mali, as always these are all such beautiful shots. You really know how to capture the moment. That first one with the flowers is my favorite! Wow!

  • Noel - so beautiful! these are so great. love the emotion in them. the dog and girl picture is so fun!

  • jessica - I am from nova scotia, and i happened to stumble across your website! And am i glad i did!!! You are my favorite photographer now, your pictures are beautiful!!! I love photography, and you have inspired me 🙂

This is Julian


Like every 7-year-old boy he loves his family



newport-beach-photographer-5and his pets

newport-beach-photographer-6and his legos


But right now Julian is fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer and he can’t spend much time playing and just being a child.   Please say a prayer for Julian, even if you don’t pray (his family does!) and they are asking for lots of prayers for their little boy.

And I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with Julian and his family, and I look forward to coming back for another family session in celebration of his full recovery!

  • Noel - What a beautiful session, and amazing gift. So precious.

  • Stephanie - Thanks for your post, Mali. I will definitely pray for Julian and his family even if I don’t know them. And, I will also look forward to seeing your next session on Julian and his family to celebrate his full recovery!!!

  • Jennifer Unkrich - BEAUTIFUL Mali! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful & hard work. We are praying over Julian every day!!

OK, I’m trying to catch up on posts! Here’s a little beauty who was just so sweet!




  • Jen Johnson - Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Patience Roney - I know who that beautiful girl is. You did such an awesome job capturing how Angelic she is!

  • Jill Harake - Where did you take the pictures that were posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010? I’d like to go there to take some pictures of my kids.

This is the 4th year that I photograph this big, happy, fun bunch!  Over the years they have became good friends and Maria has recently decided to pursue her photography passion. Check her out here. I’ll have to go back and post some of their previous family portraits, but for now, here are some recent ones:



The gorgeous mom and daughter:



After all these years, John finally decided to show off some moves! How cool is this?




Thanks guys, for all the fun times together, and I look forward to much more in the future!

  • Maria Meier - Mali, you never cease to amaze me! You are an inspiration and these pictures will be treasured forever. Thank you!!!

  • Jackie Culmer - I LOVE the first picture and the pic of the baby’s curls. 🙂 Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!!!

  • - Mali…I LOVE these!!! The first image is soooo beautiful!!! xo