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Here’s another peek at a recent session:

baby-photographyMore coming soon!

  • noel - The shadow in that picture is amazing! Such a great composition with the mom and baby!

  • - Mali, wahat an amazing shot! It should be in a magazine!!!! Love it!

  • Maria - Mali, what gorgeous light and shadows. You really have an eye for great shots. Thank you!

  • Wendy - Love this one Mali…that shadow adds such a pretty element.

Here’s another peek at a recent session. Some of my Anytime-art friends have asked if I could post some info about the images on this blog and I think this is a fun one to share. The one on the left was taken at ISO 1000, 50 mm, f/ 2.8, 1/250 sec  (around 5pm). The one on the right is ISO 200, 50 mm, f/2.8, 1/640 sec (around 4:15pm).


Have fun with your settings!!

  • Dara - Thanks for sharing the settings for these beautiful pictures! It’s very helpful!

  • noel - What a great idea to share the settings!! I will be sure to do that the next post.

I know I have seriously neglected this blog in the past few months…. But after much harassment from my friends 🙂 here’s a blog post. Actually, it’s a very special one, because this is the very first family I ever photographed when I first started my photography business.  Anyway, here they are, plus grandma:









Thanks guys for the fun afternoon!!!

  • Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess - Hey I know that good-looking family. What great, shots, coloring, textures. naturalness and more. Wish I had your effortless talent.

  • michelle I loc - Mali… love them!! I love their outfits too! 🙂

  • Jenifer Rhoades - Ok, seriously Mali…these are spectacular! We absolutely love them and can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you sooo much!!

  • Jenifer Rhoades - Oops, forgot to mention that the girls said they only want you to take their pictures from now on. They had so much fun!

  • Linda Hall - Mali,

    Love the pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest.
    You did a great job!

    Grammie Linda

  • noel - Jennifer, your family is beautiful! Great work Mali.

I love this family!! It was so fun having them in front of my camera…even if only for a short session.  Here are some of my favorites:








Thanks you guys, for being such troopers, and for having 2 of the cutest kids ever!

  • noel - these are so great mali! that first one is my favorite. they are going to L.O.V.E it! I wish I took it!!

  • Araxi - Mali these are fabulous!!! I love that fourth one down! Definitely a great display image!

 Yesterday was a great day. Really great!  Want to know why??

I got to photograph these tiny 1 week old newborn twins:


And their beautiful big sister:






And that makes a happy photographer 🙂 !!!

Here are some other favorites:






A lot of times parents wait until the twins are a little older to hire a photographer.  Although I completely understand that it’s a major adjustment to bring 2 babies home, I really encourage parents to get these pictures done within the first 2 weeks. I’m sure you’ll be almost delirious from lack of sleep when the time comes, so plan ahead!  

Congratulations Noelle, Brian and Kasey!

  • Jackie - Great pix Mali! I love them all, the second one especially. Such great composition, and kasey’s eyes look amazing! Great shot!!

  • Mariana - These pictures are magical! Great job!

  • Stacey - These beautiful pictures brought tears to my eyes……………….Each one captures a heartfelt emotion. Kasey, Kyle and Cameron are all soooooo beautiful!

  • Bill & Carol Lloyd - Wow, the photos of Kasey, Kyle and Cameron are just breathtaking. Thank you for the joy of seeing the week-old twins from the other side of the country. So absolutely precious.
    Lots of love from their great aunt and uncle.

  • Sheila Hougland - Those babies are beautiful!!! Including the big 6 year old baby! Congrats again Brian, Noelle and family!

  • Darla & family - These pictures are beautiful! How special to have given Noelle and Brian such a treasured keepsake in these early phots! Kasey, Kyle & Cameron are amazing blessings and we love them all!

  • Yuli Wright - These pictures are awesome!!!! Love them.

  • noel - Great work. You rocked this session. But seriously adorable favorite is the crib from above! Love it

  • Mary - These are wonderful pictures. The photographer really captured the beauty of these special twins and big sister.
    Love to you all.

  • Diana Berry - Wow, those pictures are beautiful. They remind me of my twin sister and how my older sister Linda was always mothering us. The love shows.

  • Eva - Aww adorable. I noticed that these pictures are one year old, have you had another opportunity to work with them? If yes, i would love to see the pictures…Great work

When Nicole said that she referred friends to me I knew they would be great clients.  Every family she has ever sent to me has been just wonderful to work with.  This family was no different.  I can’t say enough good things about them, and I’m yet to see a better looking kid!!  Here are my favorites:












  • Adrienne Gunde - There is so much joy in these! The first one is my favorite 🙂

  • rhetta - Hey!!!!! What about MY kids????;) Ha Ha