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While I was on vacation, my little nephew Troy decided to make his appearance into the world.  He is just sweet as can be and we are all in love with him!




  • Yuli - Love the pictures, thank you!!! It’s like having Ava all over again, they look so much alike!

  • Cindy Chen - I love these Mali. The first one is so beautiful… they all are! What a cutie pie.

  • Jennifer L. - I love these! What a sweet angel!

  • nicole - Beautiful pics! Priceless!

  • - congrats on the new family member! He is beautiful! I can’t wait to see him grow up through your lens!

HHere are some more from the trip:









  • Corinne - Hi Mali!
    So glad you had such a beautiful vacation, it must be fun to see your kids in such a different environment!
    Beautiful photos, I love the silhouettes and the colorful hammocks. They are all stunning!

  • noel - keep um coming! these are so amazing. i love love love these…. so great. i want to be on one of those hammocks right now.

  • Cindy - I am in love with these photos Mali!! Absolutely beautiful. It’s so wonderful that you made great memories with you kids and also captured them in all these photographs.. Love the picture of K in the hammock!

  • Fernanda - Mali,

    Primeiro tenho que confessar que assinei o feed do seu blog (não podia ficar sem ver as últimas fotos postadas).
    Bom fui a Jeri há 3 anos atrás e foi maravilhoso. Tive a feliz surpresa de estar lá quando o sol se põe exatamente na pedra furada (Divino).
    Aliás não podia deixar de comentar, que família linda a sua.

    Beijo grande

  • - seriously mali….these are beyond beautiful…stunning!!!!! i love love love love love love love love them!!!!!

  • nicole r - Are you shooting for National Geographic now Mali? These pictures are so amazing it’s ridiculous! You really know how to capture the moment! Wow!

  • Valeria - Saudades do meu pais. Homesick

  • Julia - Suas fotos são lindas !!!!

  • Joanna - beautiful pictures…wow

We just got back from the most fun and relaxing vacation, to a place where life is simple and no one is in a hurry.  It was amazing to see my kids discover a world beyond Orange County. It feels like we’ve been gone for a year… and maybe some day we will actually stay there for a year!  Here are just a few of hundreds of images from the trip:








  • elsie - looks like they’ve already gone “native”!! great shots hon!

  • - Mali…welcome back!!!! I cannot wait to hear all about it! These images are just gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th and 5th one down…they would look gorgeous BLOWN UP!! I wanna see more 🙂 xoxo

  • nicole - These photos are AMAZING! They make me feel like I am on the beach with you guys. It’s like HD photos.

  • noel - These are simply amazing! and the sudden and strong urge to go there RIGHT now is oozing though my blood. can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Raquel - Nossa Mali, que fotos lindas e os meninos estão demais! Ai que saudades deles! Me explica esse varal tão coordenadinho! Beijos :*

  • Patience Roney - Oh My Goodness, These pictures are beautiful!! I just love them!! So glad you had a wonderful time.

  • Mariana - Amazing as I expected!Great images that make everyone want to go there:)Parabens!I am sure the kids had a good time and most important; started to develop the same feeling we have about Brazil in their hearts!

  • Yuli - This is the perfect vacation, I’ll be there when the kids are bigger! Pictures are awesome.

Here’s the happiest, cutest, chubbiest baby I’ve seen in a long time:





  • - awwww so sweet..I wanna pinch his chubs 🙂

  • jen smith - hey there! i miss you — and your photography is just amazing!!!!! i want to have you take some of the girls soon -just need to save a few dollars!
    hope you are doing well – we are in illinois until april 7th but i’ll get in touch with you when we return!
    now back to your blog — can’t get enough of your pics….

  • Jen Johnson - Oh, how I love a chubby baby! Great images!!!

  • my. - I love drooly baby pictures. Great capture of expression on that first one! 🙂

  • Jackie - cutest baby ever:)

  • noel - I want to eat those cheeks…..

  • nicole r - What great shots! I love how the baby’s eyes “sparkle” in these photos. Too cute!

  • Fernanda - Mali,

    Esse é o nenem da Luli?

  • Yuli - Baby Mason looks so big now that Troy is here! He is too cute and the drooling picture is my favorite.

OK, it’s been waaaaaaay to long, so long that I forgot the password to my blog’s admin page!! I couldn’t believe it!  I’m going to try to blog more often….and to celebrate the beginning of this new blogging era, here’s the family that I’ve shot the most (about every other month or more for the past 3 years!) Most of their family is in the East Coast, so every time someone visits, we have a special shoot for them.  This time around was the beautiful Aria, who was just as fun and sweet as could be!




I think Asher loves her pretty face 🙂




  • Shawn Kloster - Mali! Way to capture the little moments! Less posed and more real… not easy to do and you nailed it! =)

  • - Mali….these are so beautiful !!! I LOVE the feet picture…and he sure does love his Mamma….you captured them wonderfully 🙂

  • Jen Johnson - LOVE these! You can just feel the fun they’re having!!!

  • Jackie - We all loved this session and Aria was thrilled to be in pictures. I love the boys on the picnic table, and of course the foot traffic shot is awesome!

  • nicole r - Mali you are so creative! Love all the photos, but especially the one of the feet! So neat!

Last week I taught a little photography class to a local girl scout group. It was adorable to see the girls so interested in improving their pictures!  They were a lot of fun and learned quickly! Check out some images from the day:







Then the next day we had another Anytime-art Workshop, which was again soooo much fun.  I’ll blog it pretty soon!!

  • - Mali…that is soooo awesome!!!! I love that you did this! what great pictures!

  • noel - such a cute last picture! what a fun idea….. love the pictures too!

  • - So cute… I got another troop for you!

  • Cindy - I always wanted to join girl scouts when I was little but my mom wouldn’t let me. Love this badge fun badge earning activity. How fun for them to get to learn from you Mali!!

As I’ve been working on these family pictures, I decide to blog them before I finish catching up with older posts 🙂

I’ve known this family for over three years, when I first photographed Lucca. It’s so fun to see how much he’s grown and, of course, how sweet he is to his new baby sister Lila.




Lucca and Lila have some awesome, cool parents:




Here’s my favorite family portrait of the day:


  • suzanne - SO CUTE MALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • - These are just fabulous!!!! I need to get back out to the grass again…I am now having withdrawls….I love your perspective:) My favorite is the last the family…it needs to be HUGE on their wall. xxooxo p.s. I want family picture like this too!!

  • Josh - Can you photoshop some more hair in for me? thanks! 😉

  • noel - The family picture is absolutely perfect, but to tell the truth, they are all great! Love the baby lying on her brother….. but I want that family picture!!!

  • John - Josh you have plenty of hair! Great pictures…cant wait to see them all 😀

  • Karen - Mali you wove a beautiful story of a fantastic and darn good looking family!

  • Cindy Chen - Mali, I love these so much! What a beautiful family and I love that you captured the tenderness between them. That last shot is amazing. I can’t even pick a favorite. I would want that shot of the baby lying on her brother huge on canvas!

  • - Is that Aliso Creek park? I love that long grass! Beautiful photos Mali

  • Shawn Kloster - Awesome! Those first two, especially, should be LARGE canvas wraps. Well done!!

  • Yuli Wright - These are awesome! That is such a cool family shot.

I’m so excited to schedule a new Workshop date!  And even more excited that seats are filling up so fast!  And in honor of Anytime-art, I’m posting some soccer pictures from last season. Does that make me a “soccer mom”???? 🙂







The soccer games were the cutest thing ever!  We were lucky to have such an awesome team!

  • nicole - I showed these pictures to Makena and she recognized a boy on Derek’s team, Harry. You should be the “soccer photographer” for all the teams.

  • - What great shots. Such wonderful memories to look back on in a few years =)

  • Adrienne Gunde - Love these, so much energy & joy in ever photo!!

  • Lucia Laureano - Oi Mali!
    Recebi um cartão da Luli com fotinhos da Ava e vi seu site no rodapé, vim correndo aqui para dar uma espiada e amei o seu trabalho!
    Imagino que o super jogador de futebol mirim seja seu filho, por sinal ele é uma graça!
    Eu tenho um menino chamado Guilherme de quase 3 anos e uma bebezinha de um mês chamada Eduarda. Também tenho um blog pessoal onde acompanho o crescimento deles, se tiver um tempinho passa lá para conhecer os meus pequenos. Ainda escrevo toda quinta para um blog feminino chamado Criative-se, acho que você vai gostar do que escrevemos por lá!
    Como estão seus pais e seus irmãos? Aguardo um contato seu!

Now that the craziness of the holidays have passed and I have gone back to a more predictable schedule, I’ll try to catch up on some blog posts.  Last years I photographed little Dane, who was just as sweet as could be… This year the sweetness was doubled:  Welcome baby Reese!






Cute kids like Dane and Reese make my job so easy 🙂

  • - Oh I love these….sooooo adorable:) I owe you a phone call…I laughed when you I listened to your message… a day late 🙂 xoxoxo

A few weeks ago Noel and I had the pleasure of working with Kiana Tom.  On January 1st, 2010 Kiana launched  Kiana’s Fit Mom TV which in her own words is:

Kiana’s Fit Mom TV is the very first health and fitness show on the web and I am so pleased to be hosting it! Kiana’s Fit Mom TV is brought to you by the producers who made my ESPN fitness series, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” the “#1 rated fitness series on television.” That series reached 80 million homes worldwide so for those of you who are familiar with my passion for health and fitness – welcome back! And for those of you who are new to my world – I look forward to getting to know you better through Kiana’s Fit Mom TV! As the mother of two young daughters, my goal with Kiana’s Fit Mom TVis to make fitness convenient for busy moms like me. I hope you’ll tune in so you can access all of my workout video tutorials, 24-hours a day on topics like total body circuit training workouts that can be done in 5-15 minute increments, problem solving exercises to fix common trouble areas for women, healthy recipes with natural ingredients and easy clean up, my personal Fit Mom tips, interviews with Fit Moms around the world, remote coverage of Fit Mom events and active family travel spots.

Working with Kiana has been very exciting to me for many reasons.  I have a life long love for health and fitness and  Kiana spreads that love to the entire world!  I just LOVE to be around a woman who DOES IT ALL, does it WELL, and is so incredibly sweet and fun to hang out with.


Here’s the whole FIT family:



How many hours of exercise a day do you think I would need to jump like this?


And to be as strong as this?


Cheers for a healthy, balanced, and happy life!!!


And thanks Kiana, for the inspiration and for creating Fit Mom TV!

  • noel - i agree, to be that strong, and look that good doing what she is doing would be a dream! glad you shared such awesome pictures!

  • Aleta Smith - I car pooled to UCLA with your mom in the 40’s. It looks like her enthusiasm, upbeat personality and joy of passing on healthy, fit living to others has been passed on to the next generation. Congratulations to you!